Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Weather Driving Tips

The best thing to do when the roads are icy or snow covered is to avoid driving if possible. However, there are times that we cannot avoid getting out on the roads. In times like this there a few things to consider that might help keep you safe.

First: Be sure to leave in plenty of time so that you can keep your speeds low. Driving slow will not only help you control your vehicle it will also help stopping.

Second: Brake gently to avoid sliding, and if you start to lose traction and slide let off the brake.
Third: Fully remove ice and snow from the windshield and lights. This will give you the best chance of seeing any obstacles and allow others to see you.

Finally: Don’t assume your vehicle is able to handle any road condition. Even if you made a great decision by purchasing one of the safest vehicles made there are conditions that are not suitable for any vehicle. Never pass a snowplow and do not drive through snow banks.

Be safe from Hendrick Lexus Kansas City North!