Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lexus UK Builds an Origami Car from Cardboard


What an interesting sight it is, and shockingly beautiful as well! Lexus UK has managed to accurately construct a Lexus IS using ONLY cardboard. It is easy to tell from the picture how much detail clearly went into crafting such a magnificent replica of this one-of-a-kind luxury vehicle. Each cardboard panel had to be individually laser cut and then assembled with glue- and the interior is fully articulated. The entire vehicle took a grand total of three months to build and the attention to detail is absolutely incredible. The cardboard IS was built by Scales and Models, a company from London that builds prototypes. The company stated:

"Each layer was given its own reference number to help ensure it was assembled in the right sequence and the entire assembly was done by hand. A water-based wood glue was used, which had to be left to set for 10 minutes after each application. Accuracy was vital, as changes couldn’t be made once the glue had dried."