Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LF-LC Concept Reveal

Lexus debuted the LF-FC fuel cell concept earlier this week at the Tokyo Motor Show, and we were stunned at first glance! The elongated front end makes a bold statement that works seamlessly with this bold luxury concept. The massive spindle grille pushing every other element to the very edge, the triple-L headlights embedded in a steep angle make this concept worth talking about. The side profile is set with bold, confident character lines that pinch in at the rear doors. This is flagship design at its core, with a silhouette that marks a dramatic departure from the current LS line.Straight on, the rear is dominated by taillights that start near the trunk logo and expand outward in every direction. The large mesh areas on the outer edges suggest the LFA to some degree, but the LF-FC might have been better served with an updated version of the LF-LC “afterburner” taillight design.

We can't help but rave over this bold Lexus concept! What do you think?