Thursday, June 14, 2012

2013 Lexus GS WINS AGAIN!

The 2013 Lexus GS climate control system has been named the Interior Innovation of the Year by the Automotive Interiors Expo Awards:

“The Lexus GS features a Denso climate control system that moisturises those inside the vehicle! The industry has already had purified and scented air-con systems, but the Japanese OEM takes things to a new level by using nanotechnology that purifies the air coming out of the vents in order to moisturise the hair and skin of the occupants.

”This air cleaning technology releases negatively charged water-wrapped ions into the cabin, which purify the air and eliminate odour in the cabin. They also deodorise the vehicle seats and roof lining, and have a moisturizing effect on skin and hair — definitely a technology well-deserving of an award.

This was the first ever Automotive Interiors Expo Awards, with a judging panel made up of leading European journalists.

Courtesy of Lexus Enthusiast

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Around the Globe: Inside 10 of London's Secret Gardens

Who doesn't love a beautiful garden? Conde' Nast Traveler takes us on a gorgeous pictorial tour of  London's Open Garden Squares Weekend, June 9 and 10, one ticket bought access to more than 200 gardens, 120 of which are private. Here’s a peek at some of our favorites.

In Notting Hill, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant climbed over the fence to enter Rosmead, but visitors on Sunday can stroll right in. (Photo: Sarah Jackson)

The private garden of the 600-year-old Draper’s Company has raised beds and five mulberry trees. (Photo: Drew Bennellick)

Belgravia’s Eaton Square is one of London’s most exclusive addresses (Neville Chamberlain lived at number 37, Vivien Leigh at number 54). But it welcomes the common people on Sunday with Caribbean food, a steel band, and a Punch & Judy show. (Photo: Gavin Gardiner)

Hampstead’s 17th-century Fenton House is a National Trust property that's open to the public, with formal gardens and an orchard growing 30 varieties of English apples. (Photo: Sarah Jackson)

Southwark’s Garden Barge Square is made up of verdant barges floating in the Thames; it offers great views of Tower Bridge. (Photo: Drew Bennellick)

Built in 1938 atop a department store, the elaborate Roof Gardens now belong to Virgin’s Richard Branson. It has three themed sections: the Tudor Courtyard, English Woodland, and Alhambra-inspired Spanish Garden. Four flamingos roam the premises. (Photo: Courtesy of The Roof Gardens)

A small black gate in Little Venice opens to Crescent Garden, one of the city’s largest private squares, where wide lawns beckon lucky children. (Photo: Sarah Jackson)

Plants and produce will be for sale at Fulham Palace Meadows Allotments this weekend. These 406 plots sit on an Anglo-Saxon site enclosed by the giant moat around the palace. (Photo: Gavin Gardiner)

One of the city’s four Inns of Court—like colleges for barristers—the Inner Temple has a beautiful three-acre garden, open daily to the public. Parts date to the times of the Knights Templar; Dickens and Thackeray lived here too. Just off Fleet Street, it’s a hidden respite from the crowds. (Photo: Barbara Neumann)

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, built on a disused railway line, opened in 2010 to give Hackney much-needed green space. Its acclaimed eco-conscious design includes butterfly bushes, tomato plots, and a wooden pavilion for neighborhood activities. (Photo: Sarah Blee)

Monday, June 11, 2012

GS Travel Stories - What are yours?

Perhaps you have seen it on the road - the beautiful piece of machinery now known as the Lexus "Game Changer" by several of our customers. This vehicle - the all new 2013 Lexus GS 350 -  is changing the way people drive and it is CERTAINLY changing the way we are selling cars. Oh and the road trips people are taking...just take a look at some of the travel stories the GS is invoking.

Just take a look at this link to this collection of travel stories from GS Chief Engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori, which is currently featured on the Lexus Global website.

Around the World with the New Lexus GS

Test drives are a standard part of the car development process, and it's customary to evaluate a vehicle's performance on familiar test tracks under controlled conditions. But for the new Lexus GS, the engineering team also wanted to see how the vehicle would perform on real roads, driven the way that real people like to drive. And so the Team GS global staff visited more than twenty countries - in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America - to test and fine-tune the new GS in as many diverse driving environments as possible. Along the way they learned quite a few things that improved the performance of the GS.

Here Yoshihiko Kanamori, the Chief Engineer of the new GS, shares a few of the experiences that he and his test teams encountered in their round-the-world travels, and conveys some of the passion that drove the creation of this new grand touring sedan.


(Really enjoyed reading this article — highly recommended.)

Do you have some travel stories to share? Post a video about your Lexus travels on our Facebook page and you will be entered to win a $100 gas card! Have fun!