Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have nothing to do with your weekend?

If you have nothing to this weekend and if you like basketball, please read on!

While listening to the radio, a volunteer opportunity caught my attention.  This weekend will be a year that two young athletes were murdered in their Raytown home.  Amir Clemons, 10, and Gerard Clemons,7 were exceptional basketball players and students. In remembrance of these two young boys, Clemons Memorial Basketball Classic was established in 2010. 

The Clemons Memorial Basketball Classic was established in 2010 by the Clemons family in memory of their 10-year-old son Amir and 7-year-old son Gerard, who were tragically killed in a quadruple murder on March 16, 2009. The Clemons Memorial Basketball Classic is dedicated to promoting programs that provide recreational and educational activities for our youth. By doing so, it will help build their self-esteem and provide a safe haven to help them develop their basketball skills in a structured environment, and then to provide positive activities for our youth to keep them off the streets.
This weekend offers a fun and competitive time while it being for a good cause!

If you're interested in competing in this tournament, contact JAMES PRICE AT (816) 309-9257 or kcthundercats@sbcglobal.net.

View the official Clemons Memorial Basketball Classic Website @ http://www.theclemonsclassic.org/index.htm

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lexus Benefits and Events

Did you know?

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