Monday, April 30, 2012

In The Know: OMG! My Daughter Just Got Her License! Now What??

"Hey Mom, where are the car keys? I am going to practice, then over the Megan's to study."

We have all heard the words - it never gets easier. Being a parent of a teen driver is most likely one of the most terrifying experiences that you go through. I have four girls and two of them are in their twenties and have had their license for several years, and yes - I still worry! She will ALWAYS be your five year old in pigtails - it is IMPOSSIBLE that she is backing out of the driveway right now. (I could totally relate to this guy....but not his choice in vehicles:) You NEVER stop worrying.

You do your best to establish rules, guidelines and expectations. You lecture, lecture, lecture about the use of cell phones, not wearing seatbelts, having too many people in the car, etc., until you are blue in the face. You show them horrific videos of teen driver/drunk driving car accidents (yes, readers - I show my girls these videos, because I would rather scare them NOW rather than having an officer at my door giving me the live version of a Mother's worst nightmare LATER.)

What has helped me through the years? Educating and arming myself with ideas and resources to help them and being the best role model I can be while they are in the car with me.  

So as we dive into the beginnings of prom night/graduation parties/summer fun, let's make sure to arm ourselves as parents and once AGAIN, take the time to have the discussion of safe driving with our kids. You may get the infamous eyeroll, the sigh, the "Jeez, Mom, AGAIN, really??!!" But aren't they worth it?

Perhaps these great resources will help you, as they have me.

How safe is your Lexus?

Watch Videos of Kansas Teen Driving

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Star Search - Celebrities that LOVE their Lexus!


Sarah Jessica Parker was recently spotted bringing her daughter home from school in a Lexus RX. It's pretty rare to see SJP behind the wheel since she lives in NYC but we're sure she's got multiple cars like this Lexus hiding somewhere.

Ryan Phillippe spotted walking back to his Lexus LS Hybird.

Normally, you would spot George Clooney on one of his motorcycles but over the weekend Clooney and his girlfriend Stacey Kiebler were spotted filling up the trunk of a Lexus LS instead. Guess they wanted to shop in style:)

Charlize Theron was spotted running errands in her Lexus RX hybrid recently.

Paris Hilton parked her white Lexus LFA on the street while she stopped for lunch the other day. What car of Paris' would you rather have -- the Lexus or the Ferrari? Come on - you REALLY have to think about it? - The LFA of course!

Zachary Quinto was spotted getting into his Lexus CT Hybrid recently after leaving a friends house in Hollywood. He LOVES the look and the great gas mileage!  What do you think of the CT?

Alyson Hannigan loading up the back of her Lexus CT Hybrid.

Marcia Cross was spotted valeting her spotless Lexus RX 450h before heading to lunch recently and we have to ask, is it just us or does the real life Marcia Cross seem a lot like the character she plays in Desperate Housewives?

It seems like Jennifer Aniston rarely has the time to drive herself around because we mostly catch her in the backseat of an SUV but just recently Jen was spotted leaving lunch with a "friend" in a white Lexus RX. What do you think of Jen in an RX?