Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little Royals History

We thought what better time to take a look back into some Kansas City Royals history than during the cusp of the World Series! The Royals got their start back in 1968 when MLB desired expansion to 24 teams total. The Royals played their first game in 1969 under the owner Ewing M. Kauffman. By 1971, the Royals achieved their first winning season and was renowned as the team to have achieved the most rapid success at the time! In 1977 the Royals won a grand total of 102 games and established a new team record. On October 27th, 1985, the KC Royals celebrated their very first World Series title with an 11-0 defeat over the St. Louis Cardinals at the Royals Stadium. In 1993, the team's beloved player George Brett retired from play, but was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame later in 1999! The 2000's were years wrought with struggle for our boys in blue, with year after year of losses. 

Fast forward to the year, oh I don't know, 2014: Our beloved Kansas City Royals have brought the entire town together in more ways than one! The Royals have progressed into the World Series for the first time since 1985. We could not be more proud of these boys and win or lose, we will never forget how much unity this royal blue team has brought our wonderful city.