Saturday, April 3, 2010

Are you curious about the Lexus 2010 Sales Report?

Lexus led all luxury brands for the month, posting a substantial 36.5% increase in overall sales by daily rate and a 42.0% increase by overall volume. On the car front, the ES and IS lines posted healthy gains, up 15.1% and 24.0% respectively. The refreshed LS line held steady, and the new GX and RX lines continued to show strong growth. Revised models and the improved economy are likely factors to the big sales increase, along with sweetened lease and financing deals.

Overall, it seems that Lexus sales are continuing their recovery from industry-wide difficulties in 2009, although the coming months will tell if Lexus can maintain its luxury market leadership for longer than a decade. Already BMW execs have claimed that they expect Lexus to maintain its lead this year, but that they hope to take the luxury sales crown in 2012 (after saying they would do so in 2009). Lexus spokeswoman Nancy Hubbell responded this month that being the top seller in the luxury segment “has never been our goal.” With the exchange rate affecting profitability, it’s quite likely that overall sales numbers are just part of the equation

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lexus Wins KBB Brand Awards for Interior Design and Comfort

Lexus came away with twin victories for Best Comfort Brand and Best Interior Design Brand. Here’s how KBB described these awards:

Best Comfort Brand: Lexus
Known from the very beginning for their quiet, comfortable highway rides, Lexus vehicles continue to offer more and more occupant-coddling amenities. Combined with renowned reliability and consistently high dealership ratings, the Lexus brand delivers a relaxing ownership experience.

Best Interior Design Brand: Lexus
Lexus interiors aren’t extravagant, plush or boundary-pushing, but the fit, finish and attention to detail deliver long-term allure. Clean, comfortable and simple define the typical Lexus interior, which remains user-friendly even as it continues to host more and more technology.

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