Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lathering your Lexus

It's now that time of year where washing your car is more important than ever! We want to keep our Lexus as beautiful as the day we bought it, and that's why nothing can quite replace the keen detail that a hand carwash provides your vehicle. Drive through car washes can be harsh on your car. They don't give your Lexus the special attention it deserves, and the costs can add up! Take the time on a sunny day to give your Lexus the special treatment! One important thing to remember before washing your car is NOT to use ordinary dish-washing soap. The harsh cleaner can strip your car of its protective wax coating, leaving it vulnerable to nicks, scratches or paint-fading. Purchase a reliable car-wash solution that has a safe formula for your exterior! Once you've finished giving it a good scrub down, dry the surface with a rubber-blade squeegee. Leaving your car to dry can leave excess dirt and grime on your vehicle after the water evaporates. 

Remember, hand-washing can go a long way! Harsh sponges and pressure sprayers in drive-through car washes weren't made to love your Lexus like you!