Friday, October 30, 2015

Creative Costume Ideas

When it comes down to it, some of us just tend to wait until the very last minute to get in to the Halloween holiday spirit. Some other people, however, have some incredibly creative costume garb that puts the rest of us to shame! Here are some fun and crazy-awesome costume ideas we liked the best!

Lego Man- Who doesn't love this childhood memory of ours?

Green army man- Another childhood memory brought to life through some creative minds during Halloween!

Mousetrap- A creative parent crafted this life-sized mouse trap and we are in love!

Darla- This oh-so-somewhat lovable character from Finding Nemo is easy to re-create and reminds of us our dear love for Disney. 

The Coperstone Baby- What a lovable icon and an adorable idea!

Snowglobe- The award for most creative costume idea goes to her! Who knew visiting Hawaii would be so easy?