Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lexus Enform Technology

Finally! Technology that works with you to make your ride smoother! Lexus Enform was developed to enhance the driving experience and keep the most convenient applications right at your fingertips! Lexus Enform is Lexus' branded connective services that consists of four major products: Safety Connect, Remote, Destinations and App Suite. Here is a summarized run-down of what each tool provides to Lexus-drivers:

Safety Connect: Lexus Safety Connect keeps the driver's mind at ease knowing that in the event of an emergency, help isn't far away! Whether it's a collision, stolen vehicle or any other type of emergency, help can be sent directly to your Lexus via the Enform GPS.

Remote: Lexus remote allows ultimate control of your vehicle, regardless of your location! Whether it is starting, locking or unlocking, setting climate controls or finding your Lexus in a crowded parking lot, the remote can do it for you. It even has the capability of sending alerts to you if, for instance, you lent your Lexus to a friend and a preset speed or mile limit is exceeded. 

Destinations: Lexus Enform destinations provides the driver access to 24-hour navigation assistance from a live response center agent who can both help you find locations and upload them to your navigation system! If you're planning for a trip, you can search, save or upload destinations to your Lexus inform system from your home or office!

App Suite: Lexus Enform App Suite gives you access to some of your favorite mobile apps through your Lexus' center console display! After you have downloaded the applications to your compatible smartphone, you can stream music, make restaurant reservations or even buy movie tickets from the driver's seat! In some select vehicles, you even have the option of voice recognition, making access to the pas easier than ever!

Lexus is working with you, the driver, to enhance your experience in every way possible!