Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Things We Love" - Keeping You and Your Lexus Life Beautiful

Welcome to the first entry of "Things We Love". Each month we will pick 10 things that makes living "The Lexus Life" so spectacular!

1. Windshield Video Recorder - Calling all parents with teenage drivers! Keep track of your teen's driving habits, lower insurance rates and give yourself peace of mind with this fantastic little piece of technology.

2. Gorgeous lighting - Give your living space some POP with these stunning little gems! Simply. Divine.

3. Custom Cast Glass Shower Doors - These elegant shower doors are like adding an expensive piece of art to your bathroom. Combine these with this rain showerhead - ahhhh.....Bliss.

4. Lexus Dual Screen Rear Entertainment Center - Those long road trips can be a bit brutal with little ones - throw some Baby Einstein, Rango or Justin Bieber in and you have happy travelers!

5. Nest Candles by Laura Slatkin - This beautifully scented collection of soy blend candles give you hours and hours of glorious fragrance.

6. Prevage Body Total Anti-Aging Moisturizer - Who says youth can't come in a bottle? Get rid of those nasty dry patches that always come around this time of year (added bonus - the tube looks fabulous on your counter!)

7. L Studio Parts Art - Wow! Amazing videos of artists deconstructing a Lexus and then using the parts to build unique works of art.

8. Commercial-Quality Juicers - Good health is always important and a great juicer - nothing can beat it. It doesn't get any fresher with this Breville Dual-Disc Juice Extractor from Williams Sonoma. YUM!

9. Great Hiking Boots - Whether you are moving through the famous Flint Hills of Kansas or the mushy terrain of Booth Creek Trail, these great looking Rockport boots will get you through the roughest terrain.

10. Ultra-Soft Tempur-pedic Dog Bed - Keep Dakota OFF the furniture with his own super soft bed. Because, even he deserves to live "The Lexus Life":)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

15 Fun Things to Do in Kansas City During the Winter Months

Ah, winter in the midwest. Here in Kansas City, there is no SNOW in the near forecast, but it certainly is cold outside! It is so tempting to curl up next to a fire and do nothing - but where is the fun in that? So we have just the list for you!

1. WHEN WE GET SNOW (BECAUSE, YOU KNOW WE WILL! -) GO SLEDDING! When people think of sledding in Kansas City – they think - SUICIDE HILL! Well, that is if we get any SNOW!  Suicide Hill is located just south of the Country Club Plaza at the park between 53rd/54th Street and Brookside Boulevard, on the East side.

2. Have a movie marathon with your family and friends. The funnier the better! (One of our favorites is Cars 2 - of course:) 

 3. Channel your inner Giada DeLaurentiis and take one of KC's best cooking classes! You don’t want miss the Wine Tastings here!

4. Go back in time and go through old pictures with your kids. Organize into beautiful albums and scrapbooks. This is so fun and allows you to take a trip down memory lane and them to see your rich family history. And, doesn't it always makes you feel good to see yourself 20 years younger – minus the bad haircut?

 5. Host a cocktail party – FOR NO REASON! People love to be around other like-minded people, but mix it up a bit and make it interesting - invite close friends AND old colleagues that you’ve been meaning to connect with. Chances are they have things in common and will form lasting friendships! Looking for something different to try – CHECK OUT THIS YUMMY CHOCOLATE GOODNESS!

6. Dreaming of being on the lake? Channel your inner Captain and go to the KC Boat and Sportshow – Jan 19-22 in Bartle Hall.

 7. Ok, well sometimes you DO need to relax - So, light a candle, start a fire in the fireplace, put on a cozy pair of jammies and settle in for the night with a good book. Need a laugh? This lady will make your side hurt by Chapter 3. Looking to escape to a sandy, sea salt scented getaway? You will literally taste the delicious lobster rolls in this fantastic Nantucket escape.  And if a good murder mystery is your game, this guy never disappoints. (Of course - we don't want to play favorites, but we are a bit partial to this one!)

8. GUYS – Bring back Poker Night! You remember how much fun this was! This is what the man cave was made for! Pack your fridge full of yummy Boulevard Wheat and Pale Ale’s, add some Nachos, Pulled Pork Sliders, Hot Wings and a few peanuts and pretzels and you are good to go! Even better – start off with a round of flag football in the snow! So fun!

 9. Enjoy GIRLS NIGHT IN – A Culinary Celebration for the Heart. Featuring four of KC’s premier chefs. Mix and mingle as top chefs prepare heart-healthy tastings with select wine pairings!

10. Heat up with some AWESOME music! Join Brad Paisley for a night of country music at KC’s one and only Sprint Center Jan 19th. The Band Perry (LOVE THEM!) will be opening. Get tickets here!

11. Pack up your GX with your closest friends and head out to Party Arty Jan 21st at the Nelson Atkins Museum. And if you think this is a stuffy, boring event – WOW. Not. At. All. KC Magazine has listed this rocking good time as one of the best events for 30-somethings to attend due to the reasonable ticket cost and happening crowds. It is the place to see and be seen – and OH, the art you will see!

12. See the magic carpet fly! Kids young and old will marvel at this musical event. Disney’s Aladdin will be at the beautiful Kaufmann Center Feb 3-5. Go all out and surround yourself with the warmth and comfort of the Webster House for a scrumptious pre-show dinner!

13. Treat yourself to a SPA day!

  14. Go Underground! The 30th annual Groundhog Run is January 29th and supports Children’s TLC programs and services helping more than 700 children with disabilities, learning delays and medical conditions. 

15. ROCK CHALK BABY! Need we say more?

Monday, January 2, 2012


Alas, another year has come and gone. But wasn't it a great one?! Many of you take this time to make new personal and professional goals for the upcoming year. We do! (See some great ones from  customers on our Facebook page!)

The new year brings a certain renewed and vibrant energy to our souls. We feel refreshed, revitalized and ready to tackle anything that comes our way. BRING IT ON we say...Then, Feb 1st rolls around. And life takes over. "I'm too busy to .....!"

Well not this year! This IS the year! Now we have a sweet little assistant called TECHNOLOGY. And oh, does she have some wonderful things in store for us! No more excuses. No more reasons for quitting. She can teach us a new language, help us pay off debt, and just plain motivate us to get out of bed in the morning to see what she has in store for us next!

So get ready - 2012 is going to be an awesome year! We just know it!