Friday, June 22, 2012

Lexus Once Again Leads Auto Brands in Perceived Quality

With a long-held reputation for superior vehicle quality, it may come as no surprise that Lexus was once again at the top of ALG’s recent Perceived Quality Study (PQS). However, the Spring 2012 PQS indicates that the luxury automaker is actually increasing its perception lead over competitors as it revamps its offerings at Lexus dealers.

Based off of surveys of more than 3,000 U.S. consumers, the semi-annual PQS rates the perceived quality of each auto brand on a scale of zero to 100. Lexus received a score of 85.4 in the Spring 2012 report, which was an improvement of 2.4 points from last spring’s report and enough to again top all auto brands in the study. The luxury make also increased its lead over its closest luxury competitor, Mercedes-Benz, by 2.2 points compared to the Spring 2011 PQS.

It is very impressive that Lexus is seeing a spike in perceived quality even as it introduces more daring designs across its lineup. The new 2013 GS 350 is great example of that - sales have completely exceeded our expectations. Customers love the new technology and it continues to bring in new customers that have never sat in the driver's seat of a Lexus.

Lexus is in the process of coming out with nine new or redesigned models, and the next car to take on its sportier family style will be the all-new 2013 Lexus ES coming in mid-August. Wearing the brand’s new signature spindle grille, the 2013 ES sedan receives a lower profile and sleeker design lines aimed at attracting younger buyers. Meanwhile, suspension revisions and a quicker steering-gear ratio allow for improved straight-line stability and ride comfort, as well as more responsive handling.

For its more eco-conscious buyers, Lexus will also be offering a hybrid ES for the first time. The 2013 Lexus ES 300h will feature a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine mated with two electric motors and a nickel-metal hydride battery to net a manufacturer-estimated 40 mpg in the city. Along with the strictly gas-powered 2013 ES 350, the ES 300h will let drivers tailor their ride between higher performance and better fuel efficiency with a Drive Mode selector.

Even with a new generation on the way, the current Lexus ES continues to be a popular item in the showroom. As Lexus’ best-selling car, the ES moved 2,937 units in the United States in May, a 22-percent increase compared to the same month last year. Still, it was sales of the new 2013 Lexus GS that saw the most impressive boost, rising 552 percent last month compared to May 2011.

We are very excited for the future!