Friday, March 5, 2010

10 Reasons Lexus Ruled the World in 2009!

12/29/2009—Nobody will deny that the last year has been an iffy one for the auto industry. The funny thing is, you’d never have known it by following only Lexus’ 2009 happenings. Here are 10 reasons why Lexus ruled in 2009. —Brian Gill

Remote Touch: A features control system that works like a computer mouse? To quote Popular Mechanics (while handing Lexus its top innovation award): “This brilliant system is the solution we’ve been waiting for.”

Anti-Scratch Paint: This Lexus-developed exterior coat actually repairs itself if you scratch it with your fingernails. Just another reason to own a Lexus LS.

The IS C’s Roof[1]: The Lexus IS Convertible’s roof opens and closes faster than, well, anything that takes more than 20 seconds.

The Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car: Here’s one way to know whether you’re the top luxury automaker: While much of the auto industry wallows, you put your future on display.

The LFA: A Lexus V10 supercar with a “permissible” speed of 277 mph? Need we say more?

David Huang’s 1,000-horsepower IS: Lexus owners continue to love their vehicles—and at least one loves his enough to make $100,000 in enhancements.

The HS 250h’s fuel mileage: The most fuel-efficient luxury automobile ever built—and that’s the unchallenged truth. Plus: There’s a reason Conan O’Brien smashed up clunkers, then gave this car away.

Lexus Enform: Thanks to this innovation, the 2010 Lexus navigation system gets info from your desktop PC. And that’s only one thing it can do.

This Year’s Lexus GX: The hills, Lexus made it recently known, will soon be alive with best-in-class V8 fuel economy.

Lexus magazine: In 2009, Lexus made it a priority to keep its magazine alive for Lexus owners. Thanks for visiting; keep telling us what you’d like to see.

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