Tuesday, January 17, 2012

9 Problem Solvers

Here in Kansas City, Old Man Winter has a nasty way of creeping up on us. So we have identified 9 ways to help you breeze through these icy months ahead.  From slick sidewalks to highway safety, we’ve got you covered!

1. Thermal Stair Mats - No more slipping on the hard concrete! These easy to install, electronically heated mats are designed to prevent ice and snow accumulation on your stairs around your home.

2. Extra Long Boot Tray - Dragging nasty winter muck in the house from the garage? Problem solved! This easy to clean, boot tray is weather-resistant and collects dirt, mud and snow, keeping your beautiful wood floors spotless and shining.

3. Thermal Pet Throw -  Keep Sammy warm and cozy in your GX 460 with a plush thermal throw. Great for use and home or while traveling, this handy comforter is machine washable and includes a car adaptor!

4. Solar Emergency Radio - Travel can be tricky this time of year. Make sure you are safe and communication is readily available with this Fire Engine Red Solar Emergency Radio.

5. Polyester Auto Windshield Cover - There is nothing worse than having to scrape off your windshield after having a long day at the office. Keeping your windshield snow and ice free is a snap with this handy windshield cover. Made of a strong polyester, it can handle the toughest weather conditions.

6. Using Cooking Spray as an Ice Repellent - Cut your shovel time in half!? It sounds crazy - but it WORKS! If you don't have a snow blower, spraying your shovel with cooking spray helps the snow and ice easily slide off.

7. Lexus Car Cover - Whether you are heading out to a Jayhawks game or just very particular about your beautiful new ES 350, this light, silky, UV-resistant car cover has side-mirror pockets that keep it centered, a heat-resistant patch around the exhaust area, a license plate window and an integrated storage bag.

8. Auto Trash Bag - Water bottles, cereal bar wrappers, McDonald's napkins - all that trash quickly accumulates in your car. Now there is any easy way to keep it all in check with this handy Caselogic gem! With an easy-to-adjust universal hook and cord lock attachment system, it allows for attachment anywhere in your vehicle.

9. Deer Alerts - We live in the Midwest and that means you will see deer on the side of the highway. Deer are vehicle destroyers - point blank. Deer are erratic, unpredictable, and big enough to cause massive damage to your car - an quite possibly you or a passenger - if contact occurs. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), deer-related accidents cause an estimated $1.1 billion in vehicle damage every year. Don't be a statistic. A deer alert system can save your vehicle and your life.