Sunday, September 7, 2014

Take the Pledge

Hendrick Lexus Kansas City is taking a stand against texting and driving! In a world where communication rarely (if ever) ceases, texting and driving is a huge issue. In 2011 alone, 23% of all car accidents were caused by the use of a cell phone. Texting and driving makes having an accident 23 times more likely than if you were to put your cell phone down! While the issue spans across all age groups, teens are the most likely to text and drive, and those teens who text while driving spend approximately 10% of their driving time outside of their lane. Hendrick Lexus Kansas City is taking a strong stance against texting and driving with our No Texting and Driving campaign, and we invite you to join us! If you decide to take the pledge, you will sign our board full of the signatures of others taking the same No Texting and Driving pledge. You will also receive two thumb bands, a sticker for your windshield and a coupon for 12 free car washes! We hope that you stop by Hendrick Lexus Kansas City and take the pledge with us and help make our roads safer!