Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Check-Up

Summertime is travel time, and with the long roads ahead, we want your vehicle to be in tip-top shape! Before the high temps hit, make sure you cover all of your bases! One of the most overlooked (yet, most important) parts of your car to check is your tires. Tire pressure changes with rising temperature, so consult your owner's manual or the sidewall of your tire to see what your tire pressure should be and check it with a hand pressure gauge or just let our service shop do it for you!
Another vital checkpoint is your coolant. Summertime is naturally the most likely time for your car to overheat, which can cause severe ad costly damage to your engine and various other parts of your car. To avoid these pricy damages, take your car to be inspected for any coolant leaks  to ensure your engine is always cool in the heat of the summer days to come.

Finally, be sure to change your air filter. Your filter can become clogged with thick debris before the summer months and can cause a decrease in your fuel efficiency. Be sure to have your filter replaced to ensure you are making the most of your fuel every time you fill up!