Thursday, October 30, 2014

Future Vision of Lexus

The Lexus USA international dealer's meeting just took place in Los Angeles in addition to celebrating their 25th birthday! The blog, Toyota's Drivers Seat, posted a recap on the meeting and stated the following:

"There were enticing previews of commercials for the RC and NX, coming to Lexus showrooms within the next two months. There was Akio Toyoda inspiring the crowd with his passionate message. There were plenty of light-hearted moments. But the overall message was clear: Be proud of what Lexus has done in the last 25 years, push to make the next 25 years even better."

In the meeting, Akio Toyoda highlighted the fact that instead of an anniversary, he considered this a "rebirth" of the company. Toyoda stated he saw this anniversary as an opportunity to say, "'Ok, now what?’ Or perhaps more importantly, ‘What if?’ What if we really go after the competition? What if we exceed every customer expectation and then some?"

In addition to Toyoda's heartfelt speech, he congratulated dealers on their sales of 4.8 million vehicles over the last 25 years. After Toyoda, Peggy Turner (VP of customer service) took the stage and turned the conversation to the new face of the customer. Turner highlighted that, "Women, diverse markets and young drivers" will be next to share in the Lexus vision. The meeting closed with a statement by Lexus Group Vice President and General Manager Jeff Bracken, who stated “We’re not just making and selling cars. What Lexus has done over the last 25 years, what we will do over the next 25, is going to be reflected in the world our children and our children’s children inherit. And we intend to leave a legacy that leads to a better world.” Keep an eye out for Lexus to diversify their reach in the luxury market, and keep your expectations high.