Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Weather Fun - Hendrick Lexus Kansas City

Winter Weather Fun

With the recent snow storm, we know many people will decide to stay in and stay safe!
 Here are some ideas for things to do while inside:
  •  Baking with loved ones is always a fun way to pass the day!
  • Cuddle up with a good book.
  • Don't forget nap time, snow or raining days are not complete without one.
  • Laundry, not a fun suggestion, a great way to get ahead for the week to come
  • TV/Movie Marathon, grab some popcorn and a friend and watch a favorites all day.
  • What a great time to do your Internet surfing, catch up with all your social networks.
  • Who doesn't love game time when you are stuck inside.  Break out those board games.
  • Bundle up for some snow time fun!
  • The best thing about snow is snow Ice Cream.  There are some great recipes out there.
  • Craft time, find your favorite Pin and create it. 
 Make sure to share your favorite snow day activity and we would love some great Ice Cream recipes!

Have Fun and Be Safe from Hendrick Lexus Kansas City!